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"My work must satisfy God's will and fulfill His purpose, for which I must utilize the finest of my skills and mindfulness in its execution."

About Artist Robert Perez:


The artwork of Outsider Artist Robert Perez is only available direct from the artist's studio. An "Outsider" by many definitions, he works with mixed-media exploring concepts concerning his Christian faith, beauty, love, life, death, metaphysics, narrative, mathematics, philosophy, culture and art making itself.

Perez is a self-taught visual artist/designer/writer and a Pastor. With a vagabond mind and lifestyle, his journeys included running a Genetics Lab at Columbia University, acting and film making, marketing and ministry.

Perez has since honed his exploratory gatherings into a cohesive visual language and intent. His current series are lengthy projects with defined parameters testing not only his endurance, but his desire to journey a long path to a lofty place of enlightenment – artistically, intellectually and spiritually.

His many projects will appear throughout the year at various locations. 

Perez is a Pastor, whose missionary work is to bring genuine understanding of the living God through The Way

 "The prints are all about beauty and fun, mixed with a bit of edge and humor."

ARP Prints Gallery showcases Perez's design aesthetics through his career-long use of flowers in the Design Series and his thought provoking series, Pomme© À tout prix. Primarily known for his serious work using mixed-media on wood, these projects show the artist working through ideas meant exclusively for prints. Multiples offer Perez a limitless possibility for expression. The works in the Design Series highlight color and form with subtle expressions of conceptual ideas. The Pomme Series begins the other way around. Its the concepts that drive the final images within the parameters of a defined space of a faux poster about a specific theme.

Prints published by ARP Prints Gallery and A.R.P. Publishing, Inc. utilize exceptional fine art printing technology.  Each print in the series has a unique digital signature in red. Each limited-edition print is hand-signed, numbered and dated by the artist at the time of printing. 

"Give of yourself, whilst you give of your efforts."



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