About the Split Pop© Series

100 paintings in 10 groups of 10 paintings that will each conclude a unique studied process.

Part One: SP01-10

Split Pop© began as an exercise to simplify intentions and explore what was possible with a narrow set of parameters. It evolved into a complex dialog between visual elements investigating ideas of math, philosophy, physics, cosmology, spirituality and nature.

Part Two: SP11-20 - Ralph Lauren Edition

(Currently in Development)

The second installment of Split Pop© explores simple beauty and painting as a luxury item. As a homage to one of our greatest designers, SP11-20 will exclusively use Ralph Lauren paints for their luxuriousness and distinct color characteristics.

Ralph Lauren’s defining cultural constellation of exquisiteness and indulgence changed the world and continues to hold the highest court for what is desirable, from the home to our minds.

Part Three: SP21-30 - Black Edition

Coming Soon in 2019